Areas of Practice Overview

The team at Woodina Law specialises in providing its associated company, Woodina Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd, its various Lloyds syndicates and its insureds and broker clients with insurance law advice based on the areas currently underwritten by the underwriting agency. Its primary role is to assist in investigating and resolving or defending professional indemnity claims and public or product liability claims against the insured clients of Woodina Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd.

To the Lloyds syndicates, Woodina Law offers provision of legal services from notifications of claim or circumstance, early and accurate reserving, regular advice and clear communication.

Our direct relationship with the insured from notification allows our broker clients to be involved as little as they would like in the claims process but regardless of their level of involvement, we ensure we keep them informed of key developments in the claim.

For our insureds, we offer excellent, efficient and proactive legal services, usually as part of their paid premium, creative problem solving, reduced defence outlays and associated competitive premiums with Woodina Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd. Having an experienced lawyer on board at notification increases speed of payments of valid claims, reduces claim frequency due to proactive negotiation and significantly reduces defence costs, usually limited to the rare occasion when counsel or an expert need to be briefed.

Our cost effective and experienced in-house claims model is our point of difference. Many other underwriting agencies have in-house claims managers but not in-house lawyers with extensive experience in the area. Due to the significant reduction in defence costs, Woodina Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd can offer competitive premiums to insureds, despite claims against them.

We keep defence and claims costs low by:

  • including the cost of our in-house legal professional fees in the insured’s premium;
  • only briefing out direct to counsel and experts where necessary;
  • immediate involvement in the notification of a circumstance;
  • handling notifications and claims proactively, with early negotiation or obtaining early expert opinion;
  • settling meritorious claims quickly;
  • being extremely efficient in the management of our file load.

Our in-house service enables us to maintain closer relationships with insureds, due to direct access between lawyer and insured from the start, with brokers being kept informed of key developments on claims.

In addition, our low internal legal costs mean that if a matter is worth fighting to trial, we can avoid commercial settlements and fight, as we will not be hampered by the legal costs of an external law firm.

Solutions for Professional IndemnityPublic LiabilityProduct Liability and Claims

  • At Woodina Law our insurance lawyers can provide assistance in responding to professional indemnity, public liability and product liability claims and notifications against clients insured through Woodina. Whether this is assisting in drafting a robust letter to the claimant on your behalf, obtaining early expert opinion, assisting in early settlement negotiations, or defending the matter through to litigation and possibly trial, our team has the expertise needed to put your mind at ease and guide you through the legal process.
  • If you are one of Woodina Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd’s broker clients, Contact us to find out more or to arrange a consultation with an experienced insurance lawyer. If you are insured through Woodina, please notify your broker who will assist you in completing a claim form for submission to us. If you are a potential claimant, please direct your claim to the insured, who will notify their broker.

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  • Your claims work is not only extremely appreciated by us, it is outstanding. The promptness and clarity you deliver to our clients is something that is simply unheard of in the PI market. This is just another reason why Woodina are our PI insurer of choice!!!
    — Tony Charman: Charmans Consultancy Services – Westcourt General Authorised Broker
  • Professional, responsive and friendly are the words that come to mind when I think of Woodina. The ease at which they handle claims with their in-house team makes the entire process quick and efficient. An absolute pleasure to deal with.
    — Daniel Webber: Director – Webber Insurance Services Pty Ltd