About Woodina Underwriting Agency

Woodina Underwriting Agency (Woodina) is owned by its management, with the majority interest held by its CEO, Michael Wood.

The agency adds a new dimension to underwriting in Australia. Recognising the frustrations for brokers in obtaining quick turnaround of quotations for clients, whilst having the ability to discuss a risk with an underwriter rather than a “no touch” internet engine, we focus on speed of turnaround and flexibility.

At the same time, we don’t only sell ourselves on price. We believe there is more to insurance than that. We have introduced, for the first time in Australia, an in-house law firm claims model, which Michael Wood successfully applied in London from 1997 to 2006.

We differentiate ourselves on service:

Quotation turnaround – We aim for same day turnaround and urgent quotes within 2 hours.

Policy Documents – Instant issue of Policy Schedule, Wording and Certificate of Currency upon an Order being advised.

Declines – We aim to notify you of a declined risk within two hours, if it is not to our appetite. We won’t waste your time, especially if we can’t be of help.

Fewer Questions – Our Proposal Forms have been tailor made so as to simplify the process. We avoid asking questions which are only borderline relevant, if at all.

Flexible Approach – If there is a way to help, we will find it. Even if it doesn’t fit into a traditional “box”, we will try to make a box to fit. We are flexible in structuring cover for bigger or unusual risks or schemes.

Schemes – We are particularly attracted to scheme business, as our unique claims handling service then comes into its own.

Loyalty – We are loyal to our brokers. If you support us, we will support you. We act with integrity, as well as professionalism.

We aim to show that just because insurance has been underwritten basically the same way for generations, it does not mean there isn’t scope for improvement without solely relying on the internet. We like to think the old way does not need to be discarded – just improved.

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  • Your claims work is not only extremely appreciated by us, it is outstanding. The promptness and clarity you deliver to our clients is something that is simply unheard of in the PI market. This is just another reason why Woodina are our PI insurer of choice!!!
    — Tony Charman: Charmans Consultancy Services – Westcourt General Authorised Broker
  • Professional, responsive and friendly are the words that come to mind when I think of Woodina. The ease at which they handle claims with their in-house team makes the entire process quick and efficient. An absolute pleasure to deal with.
    — Daniel Webber: Director – Webber Insurance Services Pty Ltd